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Flood and fire damage

Trusted cleaners {Name} are Cleaning specialists in flood and fire damage offering a fast and rapid response. Our expert cleaners can help! Locally used by home owners and insurance companies.

Trusted Cleaners {Name} - Why choose us?

Trusted Cleaners have over a decade of experience and offer bespoke and personalized cleaning services for flood and fire damaged properties, which are tailored for the needs of the customer. We are an established company who employ professional cleaners, who take their work and customer satisfaction very seriously.

cleaning solutions for Flood damage

Flood and Fire Damage

Flooding can strike at any time and can cause havoc. Rising groundwater levels cause floods, rivers and oceans overflowing, burst water drains and pipes, and extreme rainfall.

Flooding water can cause varying degrees of property damage depending on the seriousness of the flooding. Floors, walls, furniture, possessions, and even the structural stability of buildings can be affected.

Immediately after a flood, the home or business must be assessed. All flooded things should be retrieved and dried immediately. This helps prevent further damage and mould and spore growth, leading to health risks for those exposed.

Floodwater often contains harmful items like sewage. The excess water reaching the sewers can cause them to burst and leak out during a flood.

It is critical to respond quickly to fire and flood damage, ideally within 24 hours of the occurrence. Our operatives will be dispatched to your location as soon as possible to assist you.

cleaning solutions for fire damage

Fire may cause severe damage to homes and businesses, putting them out of commission for a long time. However, the fire damage is bad enough without additional difficulties, including soot and smoke damage, surface corrosion, and even fundamental health issues.

It is critical to clean up fire damage as quickly as possible. Fire causes immediate financial loss, but it can also cause extensive damage to structures and valuables, causing considerable economic loss months or even years later.

Our goal is to retrieve and restore as many of your belongings as possible. Any broken or harmful goods will be safely disposed of. Trusted Cleaners completes every cleaning and disposal service to the highest professional standards and safety regulations.

Soot and odour can be produced even by small fires, making your home or office uninhabitable for some time afterwards.

With the help of our team of experts, you can get back to normal with Trusted Cleaners’ fire and flood processes.

Flood and Fire Damage

cleaning solutions for water damage

Trusted Cleaners {Name} has the know-how to dry carpets and floors and walls, plaster, and cabinets.

As much as possible, we want to save you (and your insurance company) time and money by drying as much as possible.

Trusted Cleaners can assist both residential and business owners in the event of water damage. We completely clean, dry, and disinfect your property and goods to eliminate stress and health risks. In addition, Trusted Cleaners ensures that every cleaning and disposal service is conducted to the highest industry standards and safety norms.

What we offer!

All jobs are managed by using scheduling software to organise our team and customers know when a job will start and when it will be completed. Appointments can be made via our website or phone. Please provide all of your contact details, and we will tailor our services to your needs. We also offer a call back service so that we can ring you back to organise an appointment.

All of our clean services are competitively priced, as we endeavour to keep prices low; we want to provide a service that people use repeatedly. So if you find a quote from a local company that matches or betters ours, we will instantly take 10% off the lowest quote provided.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning products leave spaces looking spotless, refreshed, and invigorated. Whatever space needs cleaning, whether it be flood or fire damaged areas, we are here to provide a bespoke service.

Qualified professionals

We are fully trained and qualified to ensure our customers experience the best cleaning service.

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Trust in your local cleaner to do an outstanding cleaning job on your premises.

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A locally owned business that cares about it's customers' well-being