7 Steps To Easy Window Cleaning

If cleaning up your windows is on your mind, here are some easy steps to window cleaning:-

1. Before you clean the window, do remove the stickers and decals. This will ensure that the glass is free from all the grime and dirt. One can spray water on the label and remove it by rubbing it thoroughly.

2. Clean stubborn stains with a wiper before anything else. You can do this by using water or spirit. One can dampen a cloth and rub it thoroughly against the stain. One can also use vinegar and let it sit on the stain and later on rub it.

3. One can also rinse dirt and water from outside the windows using a hose. This will ensure that the grime is removed using pressure, and this will wash away the dirt without any delay.

4. Vacuum or dust inside the window. You will be able to clean away the dirt and will enable the window to be thoroughly cleaned.

5. Do take out the curtains that may come in the way. This is essential if one wants thorough cleaning. This will ensure two things. Firstly, the windows you cleaned have done correctly. Secondly, the curtains that come in the way it will not get dirty or get ruined in any way while the cleaning process takes place.

6. One can make use of microfibre cloth before anything else. This will ensure that minutest dirt particles are all cleared. Also, make sure you clean the extra water from the bottom of the window.

7. Do buff the window with a piece of newspaper. This will ensure that the window is cleared dry.

8. While cleaning the window, do use rubber gloves. This will ensure that the window is correctly done and your hands are not spoiled in the whole process.

9. After you have done with the cleaning, wipe away the window with a dry cloth. This will make sure that the window is spooky clean and that there is no water on the window.

When to know you’ve completed window cleaning:

While cleaning the window in , one should remember not to speed up the whole process. This means one should be slow, but steady. Window cleaning is done correctly when you clean the window thoroughly from top to bottom. Meticulous planning is all one needs while cleaning windows. Just take care to arrange all the objects pre hand before going through the process.


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