Carpet Cleaning Tips

We look after our carpets we do get them spoiled. They are a victim of spills, spoilage, and accidents. So, here are a few tips we need to follow in carpet cleaning:-

1. Never, ever rub stains. Blot them or dab them. Rubbing can harm your carpets and break down the fibers. This may ruin your carpet. Dabbing them gently can reduce the stain to a great extent without harming the carpets.

2. Instead of using soaps or detergent, using a club soda is a better option. Never use wine or beer. They are harsh and reduce the texture of the carpet.

3. Why not use shaving cream? One can use vinegar mixed with one part of water also. This cleans up the carpet without harming them.

4. In case there is a gum problem that is there is sticky gum on the carpet, do use a spoon to lift the mess and do not pick on it. This will keep your carpet intact.

5. Another way of removing a stain is by using detergents for greasy materials. This is vital because the oily substance will not be removed easily.

Other ways that you can clean your carpet:

6. If there is wax on your carpet, the easiest way to remove wax is by putting iron layered with a cotton cloth. This way you won’t have to prick on the wax and destroy the carpet.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide, the solution to all your cleaning woes is to your rescue. If you dab a little hydrogen peroxide on the mess, and the carpet is cleaned to a great extent.

8. You must vacuum your carpets thoroughly every week. This will remove the dirt and grime and keep the carpet clean and tidy. Take your time while vacuuming the carpet. There is no need to hurry.

9. Take care of those places where people remove their shoes. This means if dirt and grime are left over, you can immediately clean them.

10. Do add baking soda to the vacuum cleaner to remove stains. This will help remove dirt quickly and efficiently.

11. Vacuum well and gradually. In other words, do not speed up the whole process. Be slow and steady.

12. Remove or elevate furniture while cleaning. This allows for efficient cleaning. The dirt inside the furniture is easily removed.

12. While using commercial products do test them.

The above pointers prove that carpet cleaning in is no rocket science. A little care is all one requires.


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